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In 1976, I purchased my first 35 mm camera…   a Minolta SR-T 201. I can scarcely remember a time without a camera since.  I have never considered photography as a hobby, however, as I’ve always been passionate about capturing that “expression” –  that “moment”. Whether taken as a candid shot or as a capsule of time, the spiritually restorative  connection photography provides opens doorways to paths eroded by time.  With each picture taken, I am well aware that the expression, the gaze, the smile captured reflects those experiences and life lessons learned up to that moment; only to be look upon at a latter time.   The artistry of portrait photography creates a relaxed soothing environment that brings forth joyous, genuine heartfelt emotions.  My passion is to capture that “moment” when looked upon replicates and evokes sentiments of awe, pride, joy and love artistically displayed.

Mark A Walton